Paint or Wallpaper?

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One major debate in home renovation is on what to use to bring life to your walls. At Perth Paint Solutions, we believe that there is no debate on the use of paint or wallpaper. Both materials are designed for use in specific circumstances such as on the function of space as well as on the temperature of the area. Most people opt to paint their walls because it is cheaper and easier to apply and remove especially from plastered walls. Other people choose patterned wallpapers to have designs that will be too hard to make if you use paint.

At Perth Paint Solutions, we advise the use of paint especially in humid areas where the glue used to stick the wallpaper have higher chances to loosen up and therefore cause the paper to peel off you walls. But if you want intricate patterns on your walls, we can help you decide which areas are best suited to use wallpapers to achieve this design whilst ensuring durability. Perth Paint Solutions is a local painting contractor servicing Perth metropolitan as well as its neighbour areas. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional painting and decorating solutions to our customers by being prompt and reliable.

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Home Renovation often takes a wrong turn when homeowners do not consider different factors of their house when deciding on interior design such as wallpapering or painting the walls. Often, people only choose based on the cheaper option or based on what they want which leads to walls eventually chipping off or tearing down. To help you decide on what to have for your home, Perth Paint Solutions reminds you of the 3 things you need to consider concerning the room you are trying to renovate.

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First of all, the type of room or the function of the room matters. Wallpapering a room that will eventually turn out to be a kitchen or a bathroom is not a good decision since the wallpaper is less likely to remain stuck on your walls when it is constantly exposed to water or moisture. Aside from this, wallpaper is also not moulding resistant therefore is less preferred in bathrooms, kitchen space and laundry areas.

When covering the exterior of a house, it’s best to use paint since the wallpaper is less likely to survive the harsh environment that influences it. Painting is preferred over wallpapering for homes in humid areas because humidity reduces glue adhesion causing the wallpaper to peel off. Aside from this, paint is also easier to clean and cheaper to replace compared with wallpaper.

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In most cases, homeowners tend to paint their walls a bright colour to enlighten the space. But did you know that there are other ways to do this? Another thing that you need to consider if you are having a hard time deciding between paint and wallpaper is on what kind of lighting you want to have in your room. By combining paint and wallpaper, a room can be enlightened especially when a natural paint colour is used to highlight the accents made out of wallpaper. A nude kind of colour or a lighter hue is especially useful if you want a bright room since light affects the colour and the mood that is created. On the other hand, if you are trying to darken a room, it’s best to use dark paint or go with dark and full patterned wallpaper to make the room feel saturated.

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Another important thing that needs to be considered in deciding whether to use paint or wallpaper is in the allotted cost you are willing to shell out given the size of the space. If you are on a tight budget and you are planning to cover your whole house, it’s better to use high quality but affordable paint and maybe save the wallpaper as accents for certain rooms. If you’ve decided to use paint, make sure to buy a high-quality type of paint so that you can save up, on the number of coats you’ll need to apply if you choose good quality paint over a cheaper option. But if you have a higher budget and is trying to recreate a certain era or make a certain theme in a given space, it’s better to use a wallpaper that depicts the scene of that time. However, you can also always add some paint to serve as accents or vice versa.

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Many would opt to have paint rather than wallpaper because it is cheaper than other coverings. But some might also argue that wallpaper is durable and therefore more practical to use than paint in the long run. Well, no need to debate over it! At Perth Paint Solutions, we use both paint and wallpaper because of their differences in variety, durability, cost and over-all look. The differences in paint and wallpaper are what makes them a good match especially since houses do not always conform to one type and at one temperature. You just need to match the material with the space.

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It is advisable to use paint whenever you are covering something of a large measure especially if you are talking about the exterior of a place. The availability of paint variety is endless because of the countless combination of hues and different tones. Wallpaper options are more scarce than paint options since there are only so many patterns that can be printed on the material.

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The difference in durability between paint and wallpaper is another consideration when choosing which materials to use. As mentioned earlier, the materials composing wallpapers aren’t always a match for certain temperatures or functions of the space. Typically, a good paint project can last up to five or more years. The good thing is that you can always change the coverings of your wall whenever you want something new–you may use paint this time and go for wallpaper in your next renovation.

Choosing materials within your price range is advisable as long as the quality of the product satisfies the requirement of the space. All of these differences or varieties in paint and wallpaper contribute to the overall look of a place. Therefore, the next time you plan to renovate your walls, check out all your options first and see which ones fit the type of your space and the look that you want to create. Always remember that it’s okay to have both paint and wallpaper in a single space so long they are used properly to create a cohesive atmosphere.

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Perth Paint Solutions is a local paint contractor servicing Perth Metropolitan and its neighbour areas. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service by providing exceptional workmanship in the services we offer. You can rely on us whenever you need a paint contractor for renovations or new builds. Our services include residential, commercial, rentals, office fit-outs, repaints, new builds, heritage and character homes, and above all bespoke.

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