Heritage & Character

Having a real passion for bringing heritage and character homes back to life is essential especially in historic communities. But undergoing a renovation for these kinds of properties require special care not only with handling the restoration but also with finding the right type of materials to rebuild the place. It’s necessary that the products and materials used are sympathetic to the period of the structure so that it will still fit the look and the feel of the property.

There may be restrictions on preserving certain features, but no need to worry! At Perth Paint Solutions, we’ll make sure to use the appropriate materials to restore the structure of your historic property. We’ll use specialised paint products and apply those using techniques that won’t damage the property especially when dealing with old wood materials and cracked or damaged surfaces.

  • Paint Strippers
  • Primers
  • Sealers
  • Finishing Coats

With Perth Paint Solutions, you can expect a professional, clean and tidy painting project from a company that have provided great service throughout Perth Metropolitan and its surrounding areas for many years.