Renovation Increases the Value of your Property

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The best way to raise the value of your property is by investing in a renovation that will make your house look brand new.

Repair increases the value of your home especially when you invest in safety features as well as modern fixtures. These renovations not only improve your living condition but they also attract potential buyers that you can profit from in the future.

According to The Spruce, having excellent finishing touches to a home adds value to a property. Whether new-builds or renovated spaces, homebuyers prefer a fully-furnished home ready for occupancy compared to fixer-uppers. Homeowners appreciate the ease in buying furnished homes compared to acquiring a property that needs a lot of repair and improvement.

Aside from having the kitchen and the bathroom in good condition, homebuyers also look into the design of the living area as well as the bedroom. According to HGTV, one way of highlighting these areas is by painting your walls with colours that shall complement the textures of the furniture. Not only does this follow the rule of design but it also pleases the eye of whoever sees the space. Apart from this, having accented walls made of bold colours or intricately-designed wallpapers are also great ways to add personality to a fully-furnished property. An accented wall also adds to texture especially when your wall is decorated with intricately-designed patterns in bold colours.

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Renovating your home before selling is an excellent way to increase value to your property and attract potential buyers. Renovation not only gives you the control over the design of your property but also allows you to make improvements in stages. You can renovate one room at a time to manage your expenses. And even if you are not selling your house, you may still benefit from a renovation. Home renovation can help you enhance your current living space and improve your family’s quality of life.

At Perth Paint Solutions, we can help you improve your home by renovating your interior and exterior walls and adorning them with design and colour. We do residential, commercial, fitouts, bespoke and more painting services including wall prep and wallpapering. If you want to talk about your renovation options, contact Perth Paint Solutions on 0423 661 003 or send us an enquiry via Our team of experienced designers and renovators will provide a free consultation and initial quote for a painting project in your home renovation.

It’s All About Relationships

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The key to running a successful business is not just producing quality products or providing exceptional service, maintaining excellent business relationships with suppliers, business partners and employees are just as important. Having a healthy relationship with the people who work behind the scenes to deliver your product or service fosters positive relationships with clients that lead to more sales, referrals and long-term connections that are essential for business growth.

At Perth Paint Solutions, we owe our exceptional painting and decorating solutions to our employees and suppliers that provide us with the quality service and products essential to our design, and our business partners that encourage us to meet and maintain professional standards in all our projects. Below are some of our suppliers and business partners we work with.

For different paint products, we go to Wattyl, one of the leading paint providers in Australia. Their primers and their paints are perfect for the Australian weather, especially for exterior spaces. Apart from this, they offer a variety of colours that fit the different temperatures and textures in Australian homes.

For our residential and commercial painting projects, we use Granosite coating. Granosite is a type of paint that specialises in an architectural coating of non-common surfaces. It provides additional support for the paint to stick on the walls making the paint more durable for wear and tear. We use Granosite for special surfaces such as Poly Sheets, Bricks and Blocks.

Another supplier that Perth Paint Solutions uses is SOLVER. The Solver is a paint centre that displays and sells hundreds of paint colours in different shades. Their store also holds the latest in painting equipment, so we are assured that Perth Paint Solutions have access to new developments that allow us to continuously improve our services.

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Aside from our quality suppliers, our affiliation with professional organisations such as   the Painters’ Registration Board and the Master Painters & Decorators Australia are instrumental in helping our company uphold the highest standards in our industry.  Both organisations promote professionalism and excellent craftsmanship, which gives our clients the assurance of our credibility, integrity and excellent service.

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Perth Paint Solutions is a local painting company located in Perth, Western Australia. We provide reliable, professional and prompt paint services throughout the Perth Metropolitan areas as well as the regional areas in Western Australia.

As master painters, we have the experience and the equipment to conduct small to large-scale painting projects. We offer residential, commercial and office fit-out painting services, which includes re-paints, new builds, heritage and character homes, rental, strata and body corporates, as well as bespoke creations.

To discuss your painting and design concerns, connect with Perth Paint Solutions on 0423 661 003, or you can also contact us via our website. We offer design and colour consultation with one of Perth’s leading designer. You can be assured that your home shall be covered with paint in no time!

Paint or Wallpaper?

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One major debate in home renovation is on what to use to bring life to your walls. At Perth Paint Solutions, we believe that there is no debate on the use of paint or wallpaper. Both materials are designed for use in specific circumstances such as on the function of space as well as on the temperature of the area. Most people opt to paint their walls because it is cheaper and easier to apply and remove especially from plastered walls. Other people choose patterned wallpapers to have designs that will be too hard to make if you use paint.

At Perth Paint Solutions, we advise the use of paint especially in humid areas where the glue used to stick the wallpaper have higher chances to loosen up and therefore cause the paper to peel off you walls. But if you want intricate patterns on your walls, we can help you decide which areas are best suited to use wallpapers to achieve this design whilst ensuring durability. Perth Paint Solutions is a local painting contractor servicing Perth metropolitan as well as its neighbour areas. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional painting and decorating solutions to our customers by being prompt and reliable.

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Home Renovation often takes a wrong turn when homeowners do not consider different factors of their house when deciding on interior design such as wallpapering or painting the walls. Often, people only choose based on the cheaper option or based on what they want which leads to walls eventually chipping off or tearing down. To help you decide on what to have for your home, Perth Paint Solutions reminds you of the 3 things you need to consider concerning the room you are trying to renovate.

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First of all, the type of room or the function of the room matters. Wallpapering a room that will eventually turn out to be a kitchen or a bathroom is not a good decision since the wallpaper is less likely to remain stuck on your walls when it is constantly exposed to water or moisture. Aside from this, wallpaper is also not moulding resistant therefore is less preferred in bathrooms, kitchen space and laundry areas.

When covering the exterior of a house, it’s best to use paint since the wallpaper is less likely to survive the harsh environment that influences it. Painting is preferred over wallpapering for homes in humid areas because humidity reduces glue adhesion causing the wallpaper to peel off. Aside from this, paint is also easier to clean and cheaper to replace compared with wallpaper.

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In most cases, homeowners tend to paint their walls a bright colour to enlighten the space. But did you know that there are other ways to do this? Another thing that you need to consider if you are having a hard time deciding between paint and wallpaper is on what kind of lighting you want to have in your room. By combining paint and wallpaper, a room can be enlightened especially when a natural paint colour is used to highlight the accents made out of wallpaper. A nude kind of colour or a lighter hue is especially useful if you want a bright room since light affects the colour and the mood that is created. On the other hand, if you are trying to darken a room, it’s best to use dark paint or go with dark and full patterned wallpaper to make the room feel saturated.

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Another important thing that needs to be considered in deciding whether to use paint or wallpaper is in the allotted cost you are willing to shell out given the size of the space. If you are on a tight budget and you are planning to cover your whole house, it’s better to use high quality but affordable paint and maybe save the wallpaper as accents for certain rooms. If you’ve decided to use paint, make sure to buy a high-quality type of paint so that you can save up, on the number of coats you’ll need to apply if you choose good quality paint over a cheaper option. But if you have a higher budget and is trying to recreate a certain era or make a certain theme in a given space, it’s better to use a wallpaper that depicts the scene of that time. However, you can also always add some paint to serve as accents or vice versa.

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Many would opt to have paint rather than wallpaper because it is cheaper than other coverings. But some might also argue that wallpaper is durable and therefore more practical to use than paint in the long run. Well, no need to debate over it! At Perth Paint Solutions, we use both paint and wallpaper because of their differences in variety, durability, cost and over-all look. The differences in paint and wallpaper are what makes them a good match especially since houses do not always conform to one type and at one temperature. You just need to match the material with the space.

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It is advisable to use paint whenever you are covering something of a large measure especially if you are talking about the exterior of a place. The availability of paint variety is endless because of the countless combination of hues and different tones. Wallpaper options are more scarce than paint options since there are only so many patterns that can be printed on the material.

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The difference in durability between paint and wallpaper is another consideration when choosing which materials to use. As mentioned earlier, the materials composing wallpapers aren’t always a match for certain temperatures or functions of the space. Typically, a good paint project can last up to five or more years. The good thing is that you can always change the coverings of your wall whenever you want something new–you may use paint this time and go for wallpaper in your next renovation.

Choosing materials within your price range is advisable as long as the quality of the product satisfies the requirement of the space. All of these differences or varieties in paint and wallpaper contribute to the overall look of a place. Therefore, the next time you plan to renovate your walls, check out all your options first and see which ones fit the type of your space and the look that you want to create. Always remember that it’s okay to have both paint and wallpaper in a single space so long they are used properly to create a cohesive atmosphere.

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Perth Paint Solutions is a local paint contractor servicing Perth Metropolitan and its neighbour areas. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service by providing exceptional workmanship in the services we offer. You can rely on us whenever you need a paint contractor for renovations or new builds. Our services include residential, commercial, rentals, office fit-outs, repaints, new builds, heritage and character homes, and above all bespoke.

If you are planning on a home renovation and you want some advice, don’t hesitate to contact Perth Paint Solutions on 0423 661 003. You can also get a free quote!

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Colour Terms and their Properties

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Have you ever had a home renovation that didn’t quite turn out the way you want it to be? Whether the unexpected change in space or the colours of your wall didn’t match the aesthetic of your furniture, the experience can be disappointing. But, with Perth Paint Solutions, this can all be avoided!

Perth Paint Solution is a professional and commercial paint contractor servicing homes and businesses in Perth, Western Australia. We have been working with local designers to satisfy the wants and needs of our clients especially when we talk about home renovation. Part of our commitment to our customers is to provide them with the necessary information on how to express what they want regarding painting their house. We believe that by learning how to communicate what you envision for your home, you can achieve this dream with the help of a professional, like Perth Paint Solutions.

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According to an article by HGTV, one of the common mistakes that people make when they do home renovations without professional help or guidance, is that they tend to ignore the lighting of a place. Rather than complimenting the design, the light—or often, the lack thereof—clashes with the created space making the overall look unpleasant or uncomfortable. Apart from this, the other common mistake that people make is using the wrong type of paint and choosing the wrong shade of it.

Every renovation project starts with a plan that takes into account every aspect of what you want to change. Regarding interior design, the number one thing you need to consider is how your space will change. As much as it is based on the arrangement of your furniture, the space also depends on the lighting and the colour of your walls.

Colour evokes emotions especially when it is arranged with other elements such as light and space. In painting, colour is not only used to depict images, but the colour is also used to elicit certain feelings from the viewer.  In interior design, colour is decided alongside architectural space and furniture arrangement which are juxtaposed with one another, to reflect a specific mood or a particular atmosphere.

Colours are used to evoke a certain atmosphere: dark colours for boldness and mystery, while light colours for happiness and enlightenment.  All of these moods depend on how much light is shed on a pigment covering the surface of a given space.

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Have you ever considered what kind of colour you want to have on a specific wall, or did you just rely on the contractor to decide for you? Or maybe you just settled for a safe colour and don’t bother to consider what other colours might look like for your home?  Well, the next time you undergo a renovation, or just a simple paint project, make sure to consult what colour the people in your home would like or what kind of feel they would want to have in particular spaces.

To avoid common renovations errors regarding lighting and using the correct paint and colour, it’s better to first inform yourself on the correct terms that can help you in picking what you want and what is appropriate, versus what you are just seeing. Learn the basic terms used to identify the different elements in colour so that you can properly communicate what you want to have in your home.

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COLOUR is a phenomenon of light visually received by the people by how it is projected by the exterior appearance of objects. Light particle reacts to the different electrons around us which are then received by our eyes and sent to the brain for identification. The differences (in colour, as we call it) that we see is what then the brain came up with to classify what we are seeing.

In interior design, light pigments carrying different colours are applied in walls and in furniture to define and light spaces. It is important to take into consideration the different properties of colour so that you can create a harmonious design which reflects comfort rather than chaos. And since colour has properties that make it appealing to the eye when juxtaposed with another colour, the colour wheel is there to guide us as to which colours match and which ones clash.

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HUE is a property of colour that refers to the different light reactions that the eyes perceive. Hue refers to colour—that which is separate from or different from another primary or pure colour such as red, blue and yellow. This also includes secondary and tertiary colours or any pure and secondary colours mixed.

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TONE is the term used to refer to a variation of hues created when you mix white, black or even grey to the colours. A ‘shade’ and a ‘tint’, are tones of colour, since both add hues of black and white respectively. But aside from this, a different tone is produced when you mix the colour grey to a pure hue, making the resulting hue darker and less vibrant than the original colour.


TINT is the resulting term when you mix or when you add the colour white to any pure hue. And unlike the Tone or the Shade, Tinted colours are always lighter since white mellows the pure colours. Adding a tint to a colour not only makes it look brighter, but it also makes it softer, emitting a feeling of comfort and lightness.

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SHADE is a term used to refer to the gradation of the value of a hue or how light or dark colour is depending on how much colour black is added to a pure hue.  And when a pure colour is not mixed with anything, it is then referred to as a non-shaded hue. A shaded colour is usually done when you want to have a darker or moodier aesthetic for a place. This does not only darken the colour, but it also affects the look and the feel of the space being covered by the walls in this colour.

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SATURATION is the term used to refer to how dominant or light the hue, or the colour is. This property of colour is mostly used in a digital sense since it is easier to adjust the percentage of colour using technology. When a colour is in its pure form, it is referred to as a fully saturated hue (100%). When it is then exposed to light, its saturation varies depending on how much pure hue remains. The resulting colour would then be grey with 0% pure colour.

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INTENSITY is the term used to refer to the brilliance or the dullness of a hue or colour. This can refer to how strong the saturation is as well as on how toned a colour is. Changing the intensity of colour is often necessary to get the perfect feel you want to have in your home. The brilliance or the dullness of the colour reacts with the lighting of the space and therefore creates a different mood given different colour intensities.

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Knowing all these colour terms and their properties is a positive step in avoiding home renovation disasters. Having awareness of these terms will allow you to consider the right tones that will look pleasing to the eye, given the available space and the light that comes inside the house. It also allows you to communicate with your contractor about what colours you want your walls to be painted in.

At Perth Paint Solutions, we give you the option to pick your own hue and set the tone, the saturation and intensity of your chosen colour. Our services include residential, commercial and office painting as well as repainting of old surfaces. For a quote, call Dara on 0423 661 003 or email him on And for further enquiries, you can drop us a quick message on our contact us page.

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